Investment Maintenance


Down to Earth Plumbing works with local property managers, real estate agents and homeowners who privately lease their property, to provide plumbing maintenance services from replacing tap washers, to fixing or replacing hot water systems and replacing drainage.

As an Investment owner myself I understand the importance of a well maintained property without unnecessary expense and also having reliable tradesman so tenants are not inconvenienced.  I am an Owner Operator committed to ensuring local Lake Macquarie and Newcastle rental properties are exceptionally maintained to help property owners protect their investment and guarantee their property’s longevity.

I also conduct water efficiency testing and install required devices to ensure all properties comply with water efficiency requirements and provide evidence of this. 

With new legislation coming in from 23 March 2025 where all toilets on the property are dual flush and have a minimum 3-star WELS rating I can offer recommendations when a repair is needed on this importnant household amenity. 

Property owners and tenants are impressed with the level or service they receive, the quality work compelted and the competitive rate.