Hot Water Systems 

Down to Earth Plumbing can:​

  • Repair or replace your Electrical or Solar hot water unit 

  • Install hot water control measures ​


Is your hot water system becoming unreliable or completely gone? If your hot water tank has lasted longer than 10 years then you did well as they’re not built to last. I can replace your hot water system with a similar model or provide you with advice if your household size has changed and you need to adjust your hot water supply accordingly. I understand that installing a new water heater is a relatively urgent matter – nobody likes cold showers on a cold day.

With 10 years the average lifespan of a hot water unit there are several signs that your hot water system may be on its way out. 


- Individual parts can start breaking down

- excessive rust on base of water heater

- water is cooler then usual

- hot water runs out faster then usual

- rusty water coming from your taps & shower head 


 If you cannot remember exactly how long ago your heater was installed, or if you purchased your home with an existing hot water unit you can determine the age of your heater by checking near the serial number.

Relocation of Hot Water Unit